Winston Churchill is famously known to have said, “The battle of Waterloo was won on the playfields of Eaton and Harrow!” Activity on Playfield develops the qualities of team work, leadership, dedication, discipline, self- confidence and self – esteem. These qualities get ingrained in the psyche and enable each student to overcome the trials and tribulations of life. Sports equip students to face challenges of an increasingly competitive world.

The LOYAL school places great emphasis on health and physical education and has a host of facilities to deliver a comprehensive PE program. Junior school students have PE 5 days a week and seniors have sport and fitness 4 days a week. There are school teams in all disciplines and training continues through the year both before and after school.

Physical Education at LPS is designed to encourage the natural interest of most children in developing their own various physical skills. We seek to provide enjoyment through participation in a physical sport and activity, and experience the stimulation of competition. Every effort is made to ensure that children understand and are aware of the essential part that exercise plays in maintaining a healthy body, and to develop in children a determination to overcome the difficulties of mastering specific skills and movements. Children are given the opportunity to experience a variety of physical educational opportunities within the school hall, playground, sports field, and swimming pool.

Our children are encouraged to participate in activities as individuals, with partners or as members of a group, and to appreciate the importance of fair play, and of working to a set of rules in order to gain most benefit and enjoyment from the activity. In this way we seek to teach children to cope responsibly with both success and failure, and to value the contribution of others. We allow children to compete and collaborate with children from other schools whenever possible, and we attempt to lay sound foundations for developing interests and skills after leaving the school.

A healthy body is an essential Pre-requisite for a healthy mind and a comprehensive physical education programme. LOYAL ensures discipline, fitness, team spirit, confidence and all round personality. We enjoy a tradition of excellence and our students have made a mark at the state level in SKATING,MARTIAL ARTS and VOLLEYBALL. The facilities include:

1. Hockey

2. Gymnastics

3. Indoor Sports

4. Volleyball

5. Table Tennis

6. Basketball

7. Cricket

8. Throw ball

9. Aerobics

10. Football

11. Athletics

12. Skating

13. Martial Arts

14. Karate

15. Kick Boxing