School Facilities

Educomp Smart Class

School is equipped with the most modern digital multimedia Educomp smart class to train the students in depth.

Green Genrator

School has installed 40KVA soundless pollution free generator to provide uninterrupted supply of power.

Internet Connection

We provide continuous facility of internet via BSNL Broadband and to access the world of information for the better upgrading of knowledge.

Aqua Guard Fitted Water Coolers

We are providing cool and filtered water to all our students so as to take care of their health.


In keeping with the policy of healthy eating the school does not provide ‘junk food’ and aerated drinks. The food provided in the cafeteria is healthy, wholesome and as per the children’s growing needs.

The concept of Green Campus keeps the air fresh and environment healthy in and around the school. Plastic and chemical free landscaping also helps Mother Nature to breathe and flourish.

In the restrooms, the toilets are cleaned and sanitized. This helps prevent germs and keep the toilets infection free.

We also have a tie-up with different doctors in case of emergencies. On some regular days a doctor visits in the school for limited hours, specifically to cater to children’s medical problems.

First Aid

The School provides immediate first aid to injured students and also provides for further medical assistance at the nearest clinic.

Audio-Visual Education

The School has a separate multimedia lab with latest educational audios, videos and softwares. School arranges some educational films in order to enrich their experiences. Apart from film shows guest speaker programmes interesting competitions and events are also held.

The Toy Bank

The School has a rich toy bank consisting of toys and other material in order to ameliorate the manipulative skills and develop better neuron-muscular co-ordination of the child.


Round-the-clock security of the campus is ensured through strategically located surveillance cameras & CCTV monitoring by trained security personnel. Highly trained security officers from security agencies, have been appointed to further tighten the security. Students and teachers are granted access through FINGER PRINTS and smart cards to ensure improved security network and authentication.