Founder Cum Advisor’s Desk

Mrs. Aarti Shashi Dargan

Life in a Cosmopolitan Society in current times is at a cross road where it is being pulled in opposite directions. In this fast moving contemporary world, everyone wants to become rich and famous overnight and climb the ladder of success quickly.

In this race, consciously or subconsciously, values and ethics are a casualty. It is the duty of educational institutes to ensure that youth today are prepared to face such challenges.

Our school tries to install religious values and a sense of social responsibility in the hearts of the students. I am sure that under the able guidance of Mrs. Aarti Dargan, the school will stand up-to its motto insure spirit. Mrs. Aarti Dargan who is Managing Director of the School, author of B.Ed and other Books, is an able administrator with more than 30 years of academic experience, for her work is a passion and she has the welfare of students at heart, so I am confident that the present and future of the institution is in safe hands.

Finally, a word of advise to dear students. The much awaited school life is here. Up coming 12 years you would spend here should be a launching pad for a meaningful and value based life ahead. If during this duration you enjoy your school life in a responsible and constructive manner, then I have no doubt than you will be able to face the challenges of life courageously and successfully.

I wish the school all the very best in all its endeavours and assure my unstinting support at all times.