Academic Curriculum

The curriculum of the school has been developed keeping in mind the highest international standards and creative good practice. We provide excellent student teacher ratios and teams of highly committed teachers who are dedicated to maximizing student potential. Educators are grouped according to Faculties that work across curricula and integrate their teaching learning process.



The LOYAL PUBLIC SCHOOL provides opportunities for the young child to develop physically, socio-emotionally and intellectually. We build a strong foundation from which children can grow to become active life-long learners. The children:

develop confidence in themselves and their ability to learn demonstrate curiosity and the ability to focus their attention acquire a level of communicative competence that is personally satisfying.

acquire social skills and abilities which enable them to relate to other children and to adults

remain true to their individual natures, being free to develop to their own potential.

A full day encompasses Circle Time, Show and Tell, Art, Craft, Clay, Music, Dance, Language, Number work, free play and projects related to an understanding of their world.



A spirit of enquiry goes hand in hand with the sound acquisition of language and numeracy skills. Our aim is to offer a broad and balanced curriculum. The subject areas are English, Hindi, Mathematics, Social Studies, General Science and Environmental Studies, Music, Dance, Drama, Art, Technology, Physical Education and Personal, Social and Health Education. The assessment of student work is continuous and broad in its scope. Students are encouraged to reflect on their work and assessment and make efforts for continuous improvement. There are no examinations at the junior school level.


The middle school years are a time of significant intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth. Students are helped to keep pace with the accelerated academic challenges and get support in acquiring life skills. They are assisted with study skills, organization of work and gain confidence at performing under examination conditions. Pastoral care is a priority for the school and great care and attention is taken to ensure that there is regular contact between students and teachers. The academic subject areas include History, Geography and Civics and a third language is added to the curriculum. The program is supported by individual and group activities outside the regular curriculum, as well as guest speakers, community projects and intensive intra and inter school activities.


The LOYAL School offers a range of education and examination options benchmarked with the highest national and international standards. Success during the years of Senior School is vital to the future goals and ambitions of all of our students and their families. Our curriculum is geared to honours level academic courses and offers a range of subjects leading to success in the CBSE exams.A professional counselor is available to guide our students on career related issues as well.