Fit India School Week

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Day 1 :

Yoga conducted on day 01 by the yoga teacher. He also spoke about the importance of yoga in our daily life.

Day 2 :

On day 02, free hand exercise is conducted by the physical Education Teacher.

Day 3 :

Poster making competition is conducted in the school as a part of Fit India School Week.

Day 4 :

writing competition is conducted on day 04 of the Fit India School Week.

Day 5 :

On day 05 of Fit India School Week, special awareness classes and fit India oath is taken by the staff and the teachers. students formed in the shape of FIT INDIA as a part of this special week

Day 6:

In the last day of Fit India School Week, Tug Of War competition is held in the school. Students, teachers,parents and the management were the part of this competition


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